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Market Bags to Crochet 2018

Whether you need a durable tote for the market, beach or whatever, these bags are versatile and fun!8 stylish and trendy bags are ready to stitch using worsted-weight cotton yarn and one made using strips of plastic bags!Designs are made using different crochet techniques such as filet, Tunisian, and several specialty stitches. Sizes rangefrom 12" x 15" to 20" x 20" all excluding handles.

Make in a Day: Wedding Crafts 2019

It's one of the most important days of your life. Or it's the wedding of your dear friend or a beloved family member — what can you do to help make it as memorable and personal as possible? Add a graceful and unique touch to the celebration with handcrafted decorations and keepsakes! This practical guide will show you how to quickly and easily create a terrific variety of ornaments: a centerpiece, guest gift, tablescape, and more. 

Learn Swedish Weaving & Huck Embroidery 2014

Filled with step-by-step photos, color stitch charts, and informative drawings, this book teaches a simple, straightforward needlework form that can be mastered and enjoyed by all ages: Swedish weaving, also known as Huck embroidery. It takes crafters through the techniques used to create projects from simple bookmarks to jar cozies, table runners, decorative towels, gift bags, and even an afghan. Once embroiderers get started with this fun technique, they won't want to stop. This wonderful traditional craft is experiencing a resurgence in popularity and is being used to make all kinds of beautiful projects to decorate the home or to give as gifts that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Вязание ваше хобби. Приложение к журналу №2 2019 Теплые пуловеры

"Вязание - ваше хобби" - один из популярных российских журналов по вязанию, который многие годы остается любимым у рукодельниц. В каждом номере предложены суперхиты вязаной моды для каждого сезона - самые модные, самые элегантные, самые экстравагантные из новых видов пряжи. Новый выпуск предлагает 15 моделей теплых пуловеров. Теплый пуловер – удобная и комфортная вещь. В нем вы будете чувствовать себя уютно и стильно одновременно. Он прекрасно подходит для повседневности, офиса или свидания. Главное выбрать подходящую под конкретный случай модель и гармонично составить образ. Его легко сочетать с массой предметов гардероба и разного рода аксессуарами. Попробуйте связать и не бойтесь экспериментов.

Sabrina №2 2019

Журнал Sabrina собрал исключительные, уникальные модели по вязанию для вашего творческого досуга.
В каждом номере более 30 моделей с инструкциями, схемами и выкройками - как для начинающих, так и для опытных вязальщиц.

Sew №120 2019 February

If you love to stitch, or want to learn, then Sew is the magazine for you! Jam-packed full of stylish projects for your wardrobe and your home, there's something for all interests and abilities including dressmaking, patchwork and quilting, embroidery and more. In addition, you'll find practical advice from leading industry experts, plus the latest stitching news, interviews, giveaways and more.

Precut Quick & Easy Quilts: 10 Projects for the Busy Quilter 2018

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Precut Quick & Easy Quilts is the book everyone has been waiting for! Includes instructions for 10 projects all made with the most popular precuts. Now quilters can cut hours out of their quilting prep time and get right to the stitching. These patterns were designed for style and ease of construction. Now even the busy quilter will find time to make a quilt! 

Quiltmaker №186 2019 March/April

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ПЭЧВОРК, КВИЛТ - "Quiltmaker"
Welcome in spring with Quiltmaker March/April 2019 which includes 10 quilt patterns, including gorgeous floral designs. You’ll also find new articles that provide helpful tips and tricks to make your quilting an ease!

Wire Jewelry: Beginner's Guide on Creating Superb Jewelry Yourself 2019

This is an eBook that will guide you along your way to produce high-quality and creative wire jewelry projects that will surely be a great help to make yourself busy and at the same time. From the easy to find materials and procedure, you will surely not have any hard time grasping the knowledge! Each of the steps in the procedure has its corresponding pictures for you to understand the procedures very well for you to create high-quality wire jewelry. Each of the projects is chosen very carefully to supply you with the right fundamentals that you will need if you are planning to advance your knowledge in making jewelry in the near future. 

Origami Chess Set 2013

Now you really can crush your opponents King! Marc Kirschenbaum has created this collection of origami chess models so that anyone can make a beautiful chess set. There are clear folding instructions diagrammed for each model.

Piccoli Motivi a Punto Croce №6 2017 Ottobre/Novembre

Итальянский журнал Punto Croce посвящен вышивке крестиком. Это одно из лучших изданий для вышивальщиц. В номере представлены удивительной красоты дизайны вышивки крестом: яркие детские сюжеты, оригинальные идеи оформления вышивкой аксессуаров, удобные цветные схемы. 
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