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Knitting For Beginners: How To Learn To Knit And Learn To Love It By Realizing Your Projects Quickly And Easily 2020

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Ever tried to grip slippery knitting needles and then tried to manage the yarn while keeping a hold of the needles only to end up dropping the yarn or stabbing yourself with a needle? Knitting can be a challenge. 
And making it all work together to produce rows and rows of perfect stitches that will end up looking like a scarf or blanket can take a lot of time and patience. Have you struggled with this traditional way of knitting and given up after finding yourself frustrated with ripping rows and rows of knitting as soon as you come across a mistake in your work?
If the answer to these questions is yes, then this book is definitely for you!‘Knitting for Beginners’ is an extensive guide to the basics of knitting -giving you step-by-step instructions helping you to master all of the stitches and techniques that you’ll need to get started with this brand-new skill. Once you have gotten to grips with some of these, a few patterns have been included, which will get you putting everything together in a fun and exciting ways.
Once you have completed these—anything else will become much more comfortable in comparison.This book covers:•Supplies•Yarn•Needle•Knitting Glossary•How to Read and Understand Project•How to Knit for Left-HandersAnd much more!This book will teach you how you can use nothing but your arms to make fantastic scarves and blankets in a fraction of the time that it takes you to knit the traditional way.
Now wipe that look of disbelief off your face and pay careful attention to the following chapters
Автор: Anna Yarn
Формат: pdf
Размер: 2 mb
Страниц: 76
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